Misfits and Rebels

“As you think you shall become” – Bruce Lee

Our Story

Phase 1 – The Coffee Break

The initial idea sparked into life during a coffee break on a cold February morning in Newark, DE back in 2014. As was typical of a lot of our ideas, we talked about it, did nothing, and swiftly moved back to complaining about the weather.

The catalyst came a year later from an unexpected source, a pension fund in Africa that was drowning under an increasing amount of paperwork and long hours of manual data entry. We heeded their call for help and started building version 1.

Phase 2 – An Accidental Success

After an immeasurable number of hours and dozens of international flights, Formelo was born in Jan 2, 2016 – an enterprise mobility app that users actually loved.

We knew we were on to something when we kept getting calls from businesses and casual users around the world that want to use Formelo for everything from e-learning to bargain hunting.

Our work has just started and we are super-excited about where it is going to take us. Welcome onboard.