Hello everyone.

My name is Niyi and this evidently is our first official post.

We started active work on Formelo about a year ago when we got a call from a pension fund that was handling way too much paperwork. We thought Formelo was going to be yet another mobile forms software but it has turned out to be much more than that. Way much more.

The mobile forms we were enabling evolved into what we have termed as “Applets” i.e. highly focused mini apps that run within an app. As the applets provided more utility, it became clear that the user base needed to evolve from internal business users to everyone.

Whether your applet looks like the digital version of a paper form, enables instant messaging between friends or businesses, or helps doctors save lives by accessing patient information very quickly, the core value is the same. We have built a new platform that allows more developers to build for mobile and for more users to experience their favourite services in new, magical ways.

Our journey has just started and we are super-excited about what lies ahead.